Feeder School Patterns

What is a feeder pattern school?
A feeder-pattern school is a school that a student has the right to attend based on completion of the terminal grade of a student’s current school. This assignment only happens during the years a student moves from elementary to middle school, or from middle school to high school, or from an education campus to high school.

What are Johnson's feeder pattern schools?
Students from Garfield Elementary, Malcolm X Elementary, Turner Elementary, and Leckie Education Campus have the right to attend Johnson if they complete 5th grade at their elementary campus. Johnson students have the right to attend Ballou High School if they complete 8th grade at Johnson. 

How can I learn more about Johnson's feeder pattern schools?
To learn more about each school, please visit their school profiles, linked below.


Where can I find more information and resources?
Please visit the DCPS Feeder-Pattern website to learn more.